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I’m getting ready to go to a luau. Because I’m slightly overachieving, I will be wearing a retro, tropical print dress, big wooden earrings, and I’ll be bringing the following accessories:

A pineapple upside-down cake. My very first. It looks so cute!

And this coconut cup, found on clearance at Target. Plus a cheesy lei.



Home Sick

I’m home sick today. Wah. The rainy weather has done a real number on my sinuses.

She Won!

Lola totally beat out the competition and won the title of wackiest dog at work. I was especially proud of this because some girls in accounting were campaigning especially hard for their ugly and totally not wacky dog AND they made fun of Lola. Whores. But let me just say that accounting people can’t out campaign the marketing people. Life just doesn’t work that way. So my cute lil’ Bubba won a $25 gift card to PetsMart which I will use to replenish the forty treats that it took to bribe her into wearing this getup and actually looking at the camera.

Um, Well, If The Stars Say So…

According to my horoscope on my iGoogle homepage, things should be looking up. I especially like the part about heavy metals to spiritual gold. That’s some funny sh*t.

The heaviness is lifted off your shoulders and your heart. Difficult circumstances that have been weighing on you for too long are now transforming from heavy metals into spiritual gold. The philosopher’s stone may be working magic for you now, but you cannot take anything for granted. Temper your excitement with humility and gratitude.

Eek! I’ve been tagged! 8 Random Things About Me

So I guess I’m it. Or if this was a game of duck, duck, goose, I’d be the goose. EMAWKC totally just tagged me. I now have to tell y’all eight random things about me, which you should pretty much be used to right about now. Jenelle tells me that this blog is basically a list of the random crap running through my brain anyway…

So let’s get to it:

  1. I once worked the door at a fashion show in Venice. California, not Italy. I was really bad at it because I had no idea who was “somebody” and who was “nobody.” Except for one guy from General Hospital and another guy from Passions. They were somebody enough for me.
  2. I once at a spoonful of nasty things for five dollars on a school field trip.
  3. I own a gravy boat, which has never been used. I just like knowing that I have one should the occasion rise.
  4. I was sophomore class vice-president. Sort of by default. I ran unopposed. Which either means that I either intimidated the heck out of the competition or no one else wanted the crappy job.
  5. I can beat Super Mario Brothers on the first try.
  6. I like the smell of bleach.
  7. I came in second on a game show on the PAX network. Which I don’t think even exists anymore.
  8. I did Jazzercise last night. How amazingly 80’s is that? I only wished I’d been wearing a leotard and a sweat band.

So there you have it. And because I now get to be the tagger, Erin, The D, Rachael, Sizzle Pizzle and Heidi… you’re it.

(Sidenote: for those of you that I owe interview questions, expect them in your respective inboxes this weekend)

Hula Lola

We’re having a funniest pet contest at work. It’s company-wide and our company is, like, ginormous. But I have a strong feeling that I may have taken the winning pic:

Ode to Pleasanton

Craig Ferguson gives the world’s biggest shout out to my hometown, Pleasanton, CA. All P-towners (and you know who you are, you “townies”) must watch. It’s amazing.