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Top 100 Things I Love About Kansas – #1

Jill.  She’s the kind of BFF that knows you have approximately six dollars left in your checking account, thus treats you to an iced coffee and gelato, brainstorms with you about becoming private dicks (need: trenchcoats, listening devices, frosted glass window that says J & S Investigations, etc.), treats you to an episode of How I Met Your Mother and then sends you home with a four pack of Charmin.

THAT, dear readers, is friendship. 


100 Things

To commemorate my departure from Kansas to the California Promise Land, I’m counting down up the Top 100 Things I Love About California and the Top 100 Things I Love About Kansas.  I’ll give you a few each day.  I know.  You’re so friggin’ excited that you don’t even know how to contain it.