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Blast Off

So maybe you’re curious as to what my new gig is all about.  Or maybe you’re not. Which means that you are waaaaay less nosy than I am.

For those of you who are curious, check out  Even better, check it out often.  And comment.  And make stuff.  And send me screenshots of what you make.



Gratuitous Lola Pic

I have a Pug under my desk.  What’s under yours?

Lola under the desk!

PC… Ugh.

Does anyone have a PC that they would like to sell and/or donate to ACGIK?

I am not so keen on the idea of even owning one of those beasts, but it turns out that I need one for business purposes…

If you do, send me an email at


Friday Feast!

I feel that it’s my civic duty to help Chimpotle start a Friday Feast revolution.  So here we go:


Name a great website that you would recommend to others.

Hmmm… I am gonna go with The Putdown.  Andy’s most recent post about the pumpkin contest was HILARIOUS.  Sometimes the PD is on the NSFW side and sometimes there’s a lotta sports stuff that I just kinda skim, but Andy pulls out some classic posts that I greatly admire.


On a scale from 1-10, how often do you dream at night.

10.  Always.  I have nights full of dreams.  Weird, random dreams.  I always wake up slightly disoriented because of it.


Did you have a pet as a child?  If so, what kind and what was its name?

OMG.  Where to start!?  Here we go… Summer- golden retriever, Curly – cat, Miranda – cat, Sophie – mutt, and Licorice & Marshmallow – rats (ugh).  Plus my youngest sister was always adopting new pets.  I have no idea how many hampsters and rabbits and whatnot we had in our home at any given moment.

Main Course

If you had the chance to star in a commercial, what would you choose to advertise?

Shoes… that I could keep?  Or Apple or Target or BlackBerry or Aveda.


What is your favorite kind of hard candy?

I don’t much care for hard candy.  I’d have to say Wintogreen Lifesavers.  Those are pretty tasty.

Ok, now it’s your turn!!!

Twigs and Berries

Disclaimer: Mom, skip this post.

So… I went to a male revue last night for my friend Kelli’s birthday. I have to admit that I was a little reluctant to go. I mean, I like a man for his sense of humor, ability to grill just about anything and make it taste good and his keen carpentry skills. Not for dancing around in a g-string with his little willy flopping about.

When I think “male revue,” I think Chippendales. Which in turn reminds me of working for BJC in Sacramento where one of our manufacturing reps used to be a Chippendales dancer and I couldn’t really look him in the eye without smirking and thinking of him wearing little other than a bowtie and some cuffs.

First off, the club hosting the male revue has the most ridiculous special ever. Get in free before 8:30 PLUS they give you $5. WTF. I still can’t get over this. Especially since they had domestic bottles on special for $1. I literally walked away with a buck still in my pocket.

So we waited with great anticipation for the show to get started and I was laughing my dorky I’m-still-in-fifth-grade-and-someone-just-said-“do-it” laugh. I was nervous. I didn’t want weird man junk up in my business. I was afraid that a stray ball might come at me.

What followed was an hour of the goofiest crap I’d ever seen. There were only three guys. Three kind of little, icky looking guys. I don’t know if I can honestly express to you how unbelievably hilarious the whole thing was. They stripped to songs like “Up Where We Belong” and the Top Gun theme song. There was a cowboy number where the “cowboy” lit his wee-wee on fire. I. Kid. You. Not. Let me repeat. The cowboy lit his wee-wee on fire. He also nearly burned the place down after setting fire to the stage. The funniest part was that these guys took it so seriously. And I did end up having unwanted man junk rubbing up on my leg even while turning away saying “Um, no thank you. No thank you. Not interested.” I felt like I was trying to get rid of a mostly naked telemarketer.

Cost of admission… free
Two bottles of Miller Light… on the house
Watching a man light his peter on fire… priceless.


Ugh.  I just got a Mediaweek breaking news bulletin:

Microsoft has notched a major victory over its heated rival Google, as the
software giant has won the race to invest in the red-hot social networking
platform The company announced late Wednesday that it would
take a $240 million equity stake in Facebook during the company‚s new round
of financing, which is being valued at $15 billion–a stunning figure for a
business that did not exist prior to 2004. As part of that deal, Microsoft
officials said they will also expand their existing ad sales relationship
with Facebook.

This irritates me to no end.  Microsoft and Wal-Mart are like the same evil existence in my eyes.

That 22 year old Facebook kid is one rich mo fo now, that’s for sure.  Or, uh, fo sho.


So I was talking to my mom and used the word “rad,” which, by the way, I am convinced is coming back full force.

“Rad?!” She exclaimed.  “Rad?!  There’s one from the archives.”

To which I replied very matter of factly, “I’m bringing it back, Mom.”

Out of nowhere, she said, “What about ‘boss’?  Are you bringing that back too?”

I nearly died laughing.  Only you, mom.  Only you.